obligatory first post

graceWell.  Hmm.  Hello.

If you’ve managed to find your way to this blog at this point in time (roughly a month and a half before Grace hits the shelves,) you either already know and love me or you are quite handy with Dorchester’s website.  Or both.  Or…I suppose there is the remote possibility that you know me but don’t love me, and I’ve somehow managed to shamelessly suck you in to reading this blog.

Regardless, you’re here, you’re reading this, and I am quite, quite happy you are.

Getting this first book published has been a long process, with some interesting side trips.  I’ll likely blog about it here and there, and perhaps you’ll even decide to play along with me through interactive comments.  I do plan to read every day, post nearly every day, and generally keep you up to date on where I am and what I am doing with regard to Grace and her family.  Along the way, I’ll share some of my processes, nudge you toward other writers I love, and keep you posted on events like book signings and workshops.

In the meantime, thanks for wading through this, my obligatory first post.  I look forward to getting to know those of you I don’t already know.


4 thoughts on “obligatory first post

  1. Ok I tried to submit an anonymously and the blog rules would not let me. I said I both knew and loved you and although I do not consider myself a “Hopeless Romantic”, you blog hit report counted me as #13. Now it has counted me as #14.

    My message was one of wishing you best of luck with your first of many publications.

    What I do not understand is my inability to read comments of bloggers 1-12? Am I too old to understand how this works?


  2. Ahh, Daddy — you’ll never be too old.

    I have blog rules set up to keep naughty spammers from posting nauseating comments with links to their own sites, where they would like for you to purchase copious amounts of Levitra, Soma, or other unmentionables.

    The number of blog hits does not correspond to the number of comments. You actually have the honor and distinction of being my first comment. The twelve who came before you merely peeped, read, and ran. Which is also fine, and I’m honored they graced me with their statistic.

    And, finally, as to your status as a hopeless romantic — you’re the biggest romantic I’ve ever known. All the heroines I’ll ever write blow you kisses and say thank you.

    Love you both (cuz I know Mama’s right there),

    deneane elise


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