on writing

graceI am a creature of habit.  Most of us are.  Because of that, I work best within a structure, a framework of guidelines that keep me focused and moving forward.

I’ve established a series of “steps,” if you will, with regard to how I write a novel.  The steps are not designed to aid in the creative process.  In fact, I think of writing for a living as an entirely separate process.  The steps do, however, give me the freedom to be creative within the process.  In a way, although they seem rigid and binding, they release me from the necessity of thinking about writing as a “job.”  Thus, I approach writing from a business standpoint, and from an artistic standpoint.

Every writer, of course, has a different concept.  What works for some won’t work for others.  Some allow, as Jo March would say, genius to burn.  Others suffer for their art.  Poe.  Hemingway.  Byron.

I’ll address, in depth, some of the steps in later posts.  For now, I’ll just list them here:

  • Concept
  • Synopsis
  • Chapter breakdown
  • Novel template
  • First draft
  • Revision
  • Smooth
  • Submission

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