graceEvery day I Google my name.  In quotes, so that I’ll only get returns with the exact match.  I type “Deneane Clark,” hit enter and glance at the hitcounter.

Today, there were 122 hits.

I’m like a little girl at Christmas with this book thing.  I still, even though I am less than three weeks away from Grace hitting the shelves, have trouble believing it’s real.

I find links to Amazon in other countries.  I found a Romantic Times review that made my tummy go all tickly because it was so very encouraging.  I find links to websites by people who love romance, people who provide links back to Amazon which will further my book sales, people I don’t even know, but to whom I owe a debt of gratitude.

And it’s because of Google that Grace even managed to find her way out of my head and onto the shelves, if you can believe that.  That’s another story for another post, I think, but true, nonetheless.

Try it sometime.  Google yourself.  You never know what you might find.


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