playing house

graceSometimes, I feel like I’m seven again and I’m “playing house.”  Only, in this case, I’m actually “playing author.”

My calendar has things jotted on dates that make my eyes widen.  “October 23rd – Region 3 AAAA Cheer Championship, Author’s copies should arrive, 1/2 day vacation.”  “October 30th, Mom and Dad leave, Book release date.”  “November 3rd, Book signing.”  I run my finger across the entries and wonder if someone else’s calendar made its way to my desk.

There are things written on my To Do list that astonish me.  Things like:

  • Contact bookstores to set up additional book signings.
  • Check with BAM to ensure they’ve received book shipment.
  • Stop by Michael’s for embroidery floss (to make bookmarks for book signing.)
  • Email marketing about author’s copies and calendar of events

In looking over my daughter’s college applications, my eyes skidded to halt on the “Occupation” blank.  For the first time, I realized I could fill in that space with the word “writer” — and it would be true.  I am actually, truly, really for real, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die, an author.

All of this seems surreal.  When I have the book in my hands, when the shiny, colorful promotional covers I’ve looked at for months are finally filled with hundreds of pages, tens of thousands of words, when I open it and see the story that was once only in my head, perhaps then I won’t feel like I’m pretending.


4 thoughts on “playing house

  1. elise,

    I first felt the way you do now when I held my bound post graduate thesis in my hands …two volumes, black with the title, my name, and the name of my university in gold. I nearly died of happiness.

    When I published my first museum exhibition catalog, there was my name on the cover again, this time in black with brilliantly colored ethnic embroidery behind it. That felt pretty wonderful too.

    I still get that small happy buzz when I see my name listed to present conference papers, or attached to articles in other publications.

    Mine is as academic skill. But yours … ah, pure imagination is a far higher calling!

    Congratulations … and enjoy all those events on your calendar, we’d love you to write about them here. I’ll be at your book signing in spirit…



  2. Hello Deneane

    I’d just like to be the first to congratulate you on your very first published book on your very own authors blog site.



  3. Jen,

    Ahh, my darling Aussie friend. Though we’ve never met, I feel as though I know you so well. ~smile~ I know I’ll feel you there with me at the signing…and someday, perhaps, I’ll be doing one near you.


    deneane elise


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