Okay.  Whew.

Grace is out.  I’m living this crazy, whirlwind surreal life and every time I manage to think about it, I just find myself wondering if I’m dreaming.

My daughter, Amanda, has been adorable and wonderful and funny.  We had Homecoming in the middle of all this, and she was on the Court, so I kept flipping back and forth between first time author and proud mama — I’d imagine she was doing some similar flip flops her self (which are not to be confused with the “flip flops” she does on her cheer squad, as we are also in the middle of cheerleading competition season for her high school.)

She goes with me to the bookstore to “visit” Grace, and acts as my own personal promotional directer, assaulting anyone found standing in the romance section with statements like, “My mom wrote this book.  You should buy it.  It’s good.”  I laugh helplessly, torn between hugging her and hustling her out of the store.  She grins at me.

And, this past Saturday, I had my first ever book signing, which was amazing and wonderful and so very special.  My entire family showed up to cheer me on.  I had no idea they’d be there — utter and complete happy surprise.  My son Cody, who is spending this school year with his father an hour away, stayed over from the Homecoming game the night before, surprising me first.  He’s growing up so fast and to have him there — amazing.

Mama and Daddy had been in town from Mississippi the week before and just never left the state, flitting around visiting friends in the area until they could come back to surprise me.

My sister Tina drove from Iowa with two of her friends, Angie and Donita, who were total and complete fun.  My family put them up to posing as fans who’d found me on the internet, which so astonished me that I didn’t even know how to act.  I leaned forward and confided, “It’s my first book and I’m so touched that you came.”  That was about two seconds before I noticed the rest of the gang standing around.

My sister Mindy flew in from Louisiana and gave me the greatest compliment ever.  She told me she had been reading Grace, and that she was enjoying it, although she is not a romance reader.  She said, “I am in awe.  I totally forgot my sister wrote it because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.”  So touching.

Do I have the most amazing family in the world or what?

So.  Now that I’ve gotten through the release and the signing, I should be able to devote a bit more attention to this blog and anyone who reads it.  If this is your first visit, welcome and thank you so much for stopping by.  If you’re a regular, I am just so very grateful to you.

More soon!


2 thoughts on “whirlwind

  1. Was soo excited for two days because I thought the signing was on Friday and I knew of ” the plan”. When I found out it was on Saturday the butterflies were there again.
    Speaking from someone who has loved you a LONG time, I am so proud of you. You were always a “once you put your mind to it, you’ll get it done” type of person. Perserverence or hardheadedness???????????????????
    Always fun and loving and so smart with a GREAT family and friends.
    Can’t wait to read your book.
    Love you sooooooooooo,
    Your Children’s grandfriend


  2. My goodness…such a wonderful, wonderful book signing…SOOO loved the look on your face…priceless! Wish we could all one day come eye to eye…Much much love, your sis….Mindy


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