graceSo I decided to read Grace as though I hadn’t written it.  Cover to cover in book form, like I’d just purchased it in a store.  And, though I cringed at a few little things I’d change, I managed to just read it.

I thought I would hate it, to be honest.  I’m terribly critical of my own writing.  I think that’s something true of most writers, though I’ve never really asked others who write.  And I was pleasantly surprised — it actually reads quite well.

It’s funny that I’d never read it in such a way before.  I mean, I wrote it, and then edited it ad nauseam.  So it was always a bits and pieces kind of thing.  No read-through.  The closest I came to that was correcting the galley, and even that was a stop/start red pen adventure.

So a pretty cool experience.  One I think I’ll try to have with the next one before publication.


2 thoughts on “reading

  1. I am actually commenting on inspiration. I wasn’t sure if you would go back to a previous post to read a new comment.

    I just read all posts since the first two tonight. When I read inspiration, you know what happened next right?

    I was not sure if you would go back to an old post to read a new comment or if it would be highlighted in some way, so I decided to comment on the latest post. They are all interesting reading. I’ll try to visit more often so I can keep up.


  2. I have this lovely thing called a dashboard that allows me to see everything that happens, even if one comments on a previous post. It gives me a sense of control and command in which I can revel, as such things are generally lacking in my everyday life. *grin*

    And, yes, Daddy, of course I know what happened. Love you.



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