graceI’ve come to realize I’m never really going to get used to this.  All through the process, I’ve been telling myself things like, “As soon as I have the book in my hands, it will seem real,” or, “When I do the book signing, I’ll feel like I’m really an author.”  The truth is … the whole thing is just magic on top of magic and I’m giving up looking for the realities.

I like the fairytale.

So, I’ve been checking my reviews, and I’d like to post the few I’ve discovered, both as a thank you, and to keep them here in the chronological history of my blog.

The first is this one by Harriet Klausner, which you will find pretty much all over the web, including on my Amazon link.  The second was posted on Romantic Times, written by Joan Hammond.  And the third on Romance Reviews Today, written by Jane Bowers.

Thank you so much!  I’m terribly touched and encouraged by your positive reviews of my first venture into publishing.


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