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graceThose who love me best (and those who merely tolerate me) ask me questions.  The one I am asked most often is, “How are the book sales going?”  And I don’t really have an answer.

I’ve spent some time, of course, scouring the internet for tools by which to measure this.  My publisher doesn’t owe me a royalty statement for a year.  And, truly, I’m okay with that.  It’s just that I have no idea how to answer the question except to say, “Going well, I hope,” or, “I’m getting some lovely emails and comments from people who have read the book.”

What they really want to know is how many copies I’ve sold.

Amazon has a neat thing called the Amazon sales rank.  I check it every day.  It ranks the book against all other books sold by Amazon and assigns it a value.  Therefore, the best selling book has a ranking of 1.  Some of the websites I’ve read estimate there are about 4 million books being sold on Amazon at any given time.  My ranking has fluctuated since the release date from 32,000 to 327,000.

Not bad against 4 million, huh?  Or…is it?  The honest answer is — I have no idea.  ~laughing~

And I’m okay with that.


8 thoughts on “answering questions

  1. Hi there Deneane,

    I really loved and enjoyed your new book “Grace.” It’s been awhile since I have had a good book make me cry. It had such sentimental dialogue to which I could relate to. Thank you.

    I was wondering if you are going to make this family into a continuing series? I would particularly love to see if a love-story between Mercy (in which of course, she is now grown) and her duke Sebastian does indeed blossom.

    Thanks for a great story. Love to hear from you.



  2. Anastacia,

    First, I love your name. It just caresses the inside of one’s mouth, rolls around and emerges in a combination of a enunciated little hisses that fall gently on the ears. Do you pronounce it (as I hope) Ana STAH see yah? If not, Ana STAY zyuh is pretty, as well.

    Second, thank you so much for reading my book, and I’m flattered and pleased that you enjoyed it. Yes, the series is intended to continue, first with Faith’s story, then the twins, and finally with little Mercy. Her story is actually my favorite, but she must behave and wait her turn, mustn’t she?

    I hope this finds you well.

    Warm regards,



  3. Deneane I loved Grace. I can not wait for you to write another book. Will you do a book on Mercy and the Duke.

    What of Faith will she find her true love Could it Gareth. Love how you developed the various supporting characters and gave us a bit of their stories.

    Please do a sequel. Love the Ackerly family.


  4. niki,

    Thank you! I have plans for three more books on the Ackerly sisters. I’m cranking out Faith right now…hopefully will have it to my editor by the end of the month. A book about the twins will follow, and then finally Mercy.

    I hope this find you well, and that you have an amazing 2008!


    Deneane Clark


  5. Ahh, Patience. ~smile~ She really does live up to her name, yes?

    I don’t think I have a whole book for her, but I’m rather inclined to believe she’ll be rewarded, in the end, for her selfless efforts in raising the girls. It only seems fair, after all, doesn’t it? And wouldn’t impetuous little Mercy benefit by having her eldest sister’s guard dropped a little?

    We’ll just have to see.

    Thank you so much for reading, Jacquie, and for visiting my blog. Please keep in touch! I love to interact with readers.


    Deneane Clark


    • Wow, I’m really bad at updating this blog. So good to see you here, sassylove.

      I was originally offered a contract on Grace in 1998, which I subsequently turned down on advice from the agent I had then. It was both a good and bad decision, in some ways. Had I accepted that contract, I’d have had trouble following up with subsequent books (Faith, Charity, and Mercy.) My children were teenagers and very active at that time. Now I have a little more time on my hands … sooo.

      Anyhoo. Dorchester sent the info to Amazon, who created a link for the book that never came out, and some other websites picked it up. Which is actually what led to the new contract on Grace. I’ll blog about it. Kind of a cool story.

      Love you, girl.

      Deneane Elise


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