book signing, part two


Well, completely on my own and without my family showing up to surprise me, I had my second book signing today.  And, honestly, I’m not terribly good at it.  Oh, I sold some books.  But, inside, I tend to be a quaking mass of nerves.

It’s a matter of learning my demographic, I think.  And finding a way to be charming and engaging without seeming as though I am pouncing.  There’s another local author who writes regional “history and mystery” stuff, and does regular book signings in the same store.  The managers, Beth and Marv (quite wonderful people, really, and I’m becoming terribly fond of both) tell me he sells most of his books right out of hand, and that he is so deft at handling the customers, they don’t even need a greeter on those nights.  So, next week, I’m going to pop in, introduce myself, and watch him in action.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the next book signing, too.


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