deadline and stuff


I’ve never really had a deadline before, and it’s killing me.  It’s funny how I view this entire “being an author” experience.  Half of me keeps waiting for — oh, I don’t know — for it to all be a dream, for someone to decide, “Hey, she’s a fraud.  She can’t write.  Why did she get published?”

Faith is finished, essentially, but I’m not terribly happy with it.  The award nomination for Grace is amazing, but it also brought to my editor’s attention the fact that I’ve not yet sent in Faith.  Sooo…now I have to send it in, no matter how I feel about it.  And that’s what has my mind spinning, of course.  Is it as good as Grace?  If it isn’t, does that mean being published was a fluke, that I just got lucky?

Do other authors have these questions?

On a positive note, I’ve now had three book signings for Grace.  The last was this past Saturday, and it did pretty well.  I’ve only done these signings at my local Books A Million, so the first two were littered with people who love me — family and friends, who came to purchase the book and support me.  This last one, however, is the first I did utterly alone.  So all the books I sold went to complete strangers (except one from a former co-worker who happened into the bookstore without knowing I’d be there – thank you, Kathy!)

I have another signing scheduled for the same location on February 2nd.  They’ve also encouraged me to do one at another Books A Million in Charlotte, so I’ll call and set that up, too.  And, yesterday, a really cool thing happened.  Borders Books called me from one of the places I’d dropped off a promotional cover of Grace back in August.  They’re doing a local author showcase, and wanted to invite me to participate.  The event will be announced in The Charlotte Observer, on the Borders website, and in their Events Calendar.  I’m so looking forward to it, and to meeting some other authors in the area.

Keep me in your thoughts as I continue to plug away at this deadline, please!


2 thoughts on “deadline and stuff

    • Charlene,

      Thank you so much for reading, and for asking. I don’t have a release date, yet, but I’m happy to tell you I’ve just received the offer on both Faith and Charity. I’m in revisions on Faith, with a hopeful release date in early 2010. I’ll add you to my mailing list, if you would like, and I promise to try to be better about updating this blog. I hope this finds you well!

      Deneane Elise


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