sneak peek

Just thought I’d throw this in here, since I’m truly terrible at keeping up with the blog.  A sneak peek at the very tentative back cover copy for Faith.  Much love to all!

“Nicely written…with a bunch of charming characters.”
RT Bookreviews on Grace,
Nominee for Best Debut Historical Romance of 2007


It was divinely providential, acknowledged most mamas of the ton, how time could change a man. A mere younger son the year before, a notorious prankster and womanizer equally comfortable in a brothel as in a society drawing room, Gareth Lloyd was now the dignified Marquess of Roth. And his inheritance of such a large fortune made him the catch of the Season.

He was, however, everything Miss Faith Ackerly despised. To her, a rake and a libertine could no more become a pillar of society than a leopard could change its spots. For a maid as prim as she was beautiful, Gareth’s wealth was no more an inducement to wed than his title. But those warm brown eyes did not show the soul of a seducer. They promised to protect and cherish, to fend off any foe…and made her truly consider the pleasures of the bedroom. No, no act of God could make her desire Gareth.  But a leap of faith could lead to true love.


4 thoughts on “sneak peek

  1. I loved Grace it was so good, just finished it this morning at 6 am. I am tickled to see the 2nd book Faith coming out. Do you know the release date yet and will the series include all 6 daughters?


    • Chris,

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed Grace. Faith is due out early in 2010, followed by Charity in the fall or winter. There are four books planned for the series … the twins will share one, and Patience will have a subplot (due to popular demand – ha) in Mercy’s story, which will be the final book in the series. I’m so touched that you’re interested!

      I’ve added you to my mailing list … I hope you don’t mind. I’ll be sending out emails as updates (such as release dates) happen. I hope this finds you well!

      deneane elise


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