My beautiful friend Karen recently posted on Facebook a series of photographs she created of herself reading Grace, and I thought there would be no better place to put them than here.Karen Elizabeth

Beauty is something we all crave, and we find it in different ways.  My friendship with Karen, which dates back to high school, is beautiful to me … and what better way could I thank her for showing me, in such a stunning way, how much beauty and pleasure she found in my words, than to share both what she created, and a little bit of information about Karen with you.

karen e grace

Karen is a green girl.  ≈smiling softly≈  I say that with all fondness, because she calls herself that, and is dedicated to living as simply and cleanly as possible, both for the health of her family and for the good of our planet.  To that end, she is an independent distributor of products that support her chosen lifestyle.  And just look at the happiness she exudes!  ≈beaming≈  Pay her website a visit.  I’m completely sure you’ll find products that will fit into your world, too, and when you do, you’ll help make the beautiful planet we all love and enjoy a healthier and brighter place.

karen sunbathing

Thank you, Karen … not only for reading and enjoying Grace, but for the beauty you share with the world just by being in it.  Love you, girl!


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