graceI’m a creature of habit.  People often consider me a free spirit, but that freedom exists within structure, and I’m rabid about my structure.  I make spreadsheets to detail how I handle my day to day life, then go further, even breaking down something as mundane as taking a bath into distinct, efficient steps, designed to cover all my cleansing needs while leaving me the most available time to simply relax.

Yes.  Seriously.

My writing time is just as structured.  I don’t wait until the Muses demand, or, as Jo March would say, for “genius to burn.”  I write every single day, even if what I write is pure drivel.  I don’t always work on the novels.  Sometimes, I write for pure pleasure, or to post on a personal blog.  Sometimes, I write for others, though that is a rare thing, indeed … and only inspired by a select few.  Currently, because I have to have a day job until such time as writing historical romance is lucrative enough to support me fully, I do most of my writing in the wee hours.  I don’t necessarily think that would change, though, even if I found myself with free daytime hours.

I have always been more comfortable in the night.

My current schedule?  Brace yourselves, and do try to keep up:

  • Wake at 5:30am, work out for an hour, then shower and go to work.
  • Work 8 hours, run whatever errands need running, eat something, then work out for another hour.
  • Write until 10pm.
  • Go for an evening walk/jog/run.
  • Bathe at 11pm.
  • Write from 12am until 2am.
  • Meditate until I fall asleep.

That’s right.  I typically manage about 3 to 3-1/2 hours of sleep a night, even on weekends.  I find myself feeling draggy and lethargic if I get much more than that.  I do toss in some extra yoga on Saturdays and Sundays, and write a bit more, but I still follow the same basic schedule.  I just shift it a bit, so that my sleeping hours are from 6am to 10am.

Free spirit indeed.   ≈laughing≈


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