a new method

graceSo what have I been doing with myself the past month?  Several things.

Made a quick trip home to deliver my lovely daughter to my parents.  She’s spending the summer working on the coast of Mississippi and saving up some money.  (Sorry my friends in the area … too quick a trip to see everyone, so I compromised by seeing no one.)  When we got back, my son popped over to Columbia to spend the summer with his father … soooo.  It’s just me, Minerva (the cat,) and my Virtues.

Finished another revision on Faith and sent it back to my editor.  It’s in his capable hands now, and I’ve put it solidly to the side and have managed to resist every impulse to tweak more, do more, fix more, etc.

Which means I’ve turned my full attention to Charity.  I’m taking a new approach with this one.  I’ve always written from an outline, which sounds rather rigid, until you know that my “outline” is really a loosely constructed bunch of paragraphs that briefly outline the story from beginning to end.  It’s typically anywhere from 6 to 10 pages long.  From there, I cut it into pieces in the places I think feel “right” as chapter breaks, paste them into Word and get to work.

And I write the book from beginning to end, then edit, edit, edit.

Not so with Charity.

With this one, I’m working on every chapter at once.  Sound daunting?  Not really.  At least not now, when I’m only at 4,800 words.  As I move ahead, I’m sure I”ll begin concentrating on smaller and smaller sections (though the sections themselves will become larger.)  We’ll see how that goes.

I hope everyone’s having a beautiful summer.  Muchly with the love, my wonderful friends!


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