talk dirty to me

So … busy, busy, busy! My editor finished the line edit on Faith, so Charity is taking a back seat while I work on that.  Pretty much non-stop since Thursday except for the concert.

The concert?  What concert?  Well, I’m glad you asked.

“Hit it, C.C.!”

Had a ball last night at the Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick concert with some friends.  Great show … they can all still rock it.  Cheap Trick has some new stuff out that’s pretty damn good, so I was glad to see them.  Poison was pretty much what you’d expect it to be, but Def Leppard … AWESOME!  I even managed to snap a photo of my darling friend Karen with this guy, who later sheepishly admitted he was not actually Bret Michaels:

Karen and "Bret"

Karen and “Bret”

I’m the type of person who is perfectly content hanging out at home by myself.  I grudgingly accept invitations (also known as coercions, refusals to accept my negative answer, and, sometimes, kidnappings) to go to things like this concert, or last week’s pool party.  I get ready to go while casting glances at my computer, knowing I have work to do, and that attending the event is going to take me away from that, and I try to plan ways to sneak away early.

I always end up having a blast.  I love my friends and their steadfast insistence that I will not become a hermit.

I also, early in the week, had a brainstorm for another project, which is going to put my column on the back burner indefinitely.  A children’s series of sorts, which I’m planning to develop soon soon soon.  So, as I said .. busy, busy, busy!

Back to the line edit … muchly with the love for all of you!  ~kisses for the world~


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