With the line edits, anyway.  And I’m breathing quite a sigh of relief.

Faith is, for all intents and purposes, put to bed.  There’s still the galley proofing to go, of course, but that’s just a final proofread I typically prefer to handle over a drink or three at my favorite bar, which is precisely what I’ll do when it comes time.

My beautiful daughter was visiting last week … so happy to see her!  It made for an interesting juggle with the line edit deadline, but I managed it.  My son is also back home after a summer spent part of the time with his father, and part of the time with my best friend in Virginia.  School starts Wednesday … my last year with my children in public schools.  Hard to believe!

my babies

my babies

I love all of you muchly! I’ll keep you posted on important dates and such.  Most of you are on my mailing list … if you’re not and you’d like to be, just pop me an email or post a comment!  I’ll be happy to add you.

And now … back to work on Charity!  ~kisses for the world~


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