writer’s block

For the most part, I don’t get blocked.  At least, I don’t think I do.  It may be that the times I find writing difficult are what others would consider a block, but I don’t.

For as long as I can remember, I have written.  Journals, diaries, short stories … pretty much everything, when I was growing up, except for the things I was assigned (yeah, I know … bad student.  It’s true.)  So when something I’m working on doesn’t seem to be clicking, I just set it aside and turn to something else.

Charity was not clicking this weekend. At all.  And I didn’t write a single word of it.  I managed to pop off about 1000 words on a serialized piece on my online journal, but that’s about it for the weekend.  And if that’s a block, then I was blocked.

(But I don’t think it was.)

I’m posting this a little late.  I typically like to post to this place once a week, usually Sunday.  Often, I write it out on Saturday, but I’m doing this now, at nearly 1am on Monday morning because my routine was thrown off a bit.  A good friend’s daughter was up for an award on the VMA’s, so I watched that.  Yesterday, I watched a lot of college football.  I eschewed my exercise program, blew my diet, and didn’t do a bit of housework.  Yup.  Generally lazy.  Which is different, I think, than a writer’s block.

I need occasional weekends like this to reset.  I’m such a creature of habit that I fear there is danger of everything in my life, including my words, becoming rote and mechanical.  So there you have it.

Tomorrow, back to the schedule.  Back on track.  Totally refreshed.  Be beautiful, my friends.

~kisses for the world~


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