scary movie

So my son talked me into going to see Paranormal Activity with him.  I was resistant because scary movies are not my thing.  I haven’t actually seen one since A Nightmare on Elm Street … the first one.  But if there is anything I hate more than scary movies, it is my fears.  So, although the plan ranged from seeing two different movies to him seeing the movie I’d rather have seen, when it came time to purchase the tickets, I found myself buying two for Paranormal Activity.

My fears just piss me right the hell off.

Everyone warned me it was the scariest movie they’ve ever seen … everyone.  Now, I won’t ruin it for those of you who haven’t seen it, but I will say this:  I was startled enough to scream once.  Other than that, I was neither impressed nor frightened.  Instead, I found myself watching with a detached sort of assessment, rewriting lines of dialogue in my head as the movie progressed.

It was nice to spend an evening with the boy child, though.  ~smile~  And he was more frightened by it than me.  Sleep well, baby boy.

Go me.


2 thoughts on “scary movie

  1. We just saw Pandorum. I was scared – mostly when I left in the middle for a bathroom break and the halls and bathroom were deserted. I kept expecting a mutant monster thingie to jump out.

    Paranormal activity will be next!


    • sassy,

      Mutant monster thingies are the worst. i’ll be incredibly interested in your take on Paranormal Activity. Judging from the people in the theater, it was scary as all get out. i, despite my long-standing total unreasonable fear of scary movies (and anything involving clowns, ventriloquist dummies, blinky-eye dolls, or large-headed cartoon characters in theme parks) was oddly unaffected.

      deneane elise


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