It’s Halloween week.  October 31st is likely my favorite day of the year.  It’s a day of historical significance, a day of spiritual importance, and a day of just plain fun.  Truly, I adore everything about it.

This year, I dressed up as Wednesday Addams, arguably one of the best characters ever written, and brought to a glorious level of creepiness by Christina Ricci in the Addams Family movies.  I have always, for some reason, identified with the child, although I don’t have a single clue why.  Certainly, the Wednesday portrayed by Ricci figures prominently in the inspiration for the main character in the children’s series I am developing.

In other writing news, I’m eagerly looking forward to a new project a friend of mine is sending me.  My participation in the project is small … a simple query … but it is such things that keep my creative juices flowing, that give me an extra burst of inspiration, and keep my interest in writing decidedly alive.  Charity is my first priority, of course, but if I had to work on the novel and nothing else, I think I (and it) would stagnate or grow stale.

Happy Halloween, my friends.  Perhaps by this time next year, I can dress up as my own creepy little character.

~kisses for the world~


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