zip zip!

Been a busy girl with all the little things that invade one’s life.  This week found me shopping for a car.  The car I have been driving since my nearly twenty-year-old daughter was in 7th grade has been a very good car.  215,000 miles good … and it’s still running fairly well with only some minor maintenance issues.  But … you know.   It was time to put her to rest.  She was gasping and coughing and being generally un-nice to the environment, and that’s just not good.

So, because the dear thing was still chugging along, I wasn’t in a terrible rush, and had time to play around with possibilities.  I knew I wanted something incredibly gas efficient, something under $10K, and something not ugly.  Hondas were high on my list, for obvious reasons.  I found a couple, but there were little issues that just had me holding off.  Until Wednesday.  (Hm, sensing a little theme there.  Snap snap.)

I found the first car with which I have ever fallen in love.

zip zip

It is a  2004 Civic Hybrid in opal silver blue metallic.  Yup, that’s the actual color … it can look sky blue in the sunlight, silver in the moonlight, and it has this opal effect that just makes it shimmer.  It’s like fairy tale magic on a car.  The ad said “light blue,” which had me cringing, and I might have just passed it by, but the Hybrid part sucked me in, the test drive enchanted me, and the color just sealed the deal.  Color me happy.  Drove it off the lot with a 1 year warranty for under 9K, and am all set to enjoy an average of 40mpg.  Zip zip!

Suck it, SUV lovers.  ~beaming~

Now, with that out of the way, I can get back to the writing with a vengeance.  Be very afraid.

wednesday03(Snap snap.)


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