Full on crisis deadline mode!  Take cover, my beautiful friends … I’m goin’ in!

Somehow, I always manage to push myself into a frenzy the last month before something is due.  My history on this is long and storied.  Any high school teacher can tell you I either didn’t finish in time and got points off for turning reports in late, or I handed them in, breathless and scented of fresh ink, the final thoughts jotted in a messy hand as I dodged students and slamming lockers on the way to the class in which they were due.

I’m no different with writing deadlines, though I am certainly less inclined to simply blow them (sorry, Mrs. Pichon, for wasting so much of your time in that journalism class. ~wince~)

So … less than a month until Faith hits shelves.  First book signing is scheduled for January 2nd, right here at the Books-A-Million in Rock Hill.  Zip on by if you’re in the area …  I’d love to see you.  I may look a bit frazzled and frumpy, since my deadline on finishing Charity is just a couple days before that.  With the holidays, the preparations for putting my house on the market, and the wicked stress at work … yeah.

Full on crisis deadline mode.  I can sleep when I’m dead, right?


In other news, my son, Cody, got his driver’s license.  Those of you who have been through this know quite well the worry I’m experiencing.  You also know the decided convenience I’m enjoying, as well.  For the first time ever, he can get himself to his dental appointment on Monday, and I don’t have to do the timecard math and the supervisor gymnastics in order to get him there.  Nope.  All I have to do is toss the insurance card and copay at him and, like magic, it’s handled.

My publisher, Dorchester has also updated their website.  The first thirty pages of Faith can be found here, if you’d care for a sneak peek.  Coolness, eh?  I’ll try to keep y’all updated on my deadline progress (mainly when I hit a wall) and to let you know of any additional book signing dates as they come available.  Working on one in Nashville in late January if all the cards fall in place.

In the meantime, be beautiful.  ~kisses for the world~


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