My holiday was quite lovely, if quiet.  Thank you very much to those who asked via the various conduits you used to contact me.  Thank you, also, for all the feedback regarding Faith.  I’m so very excited, and flattered and … and …

I just don’t think it will ever seem real.

Amazon began shipping on December 21st, much to my surprise, so many of you received your copies before I did.  Mine finally arrived on Christmas Eve while I was enjoying time with family, and I promptly dove in, fished out a copy, and read it from cover to cover just as though it were something new for me.   I like to do this … read it as a book, because it is typically the first time I have done so without a pen in my hand, either writing or editing.

There are always parts that make me cringe and ache to rewrite, but I’m also always incredibly surprised by how much I missed when I was in the trenches.  Characters come alive for me during this reading.

I’m in the final push on Charity.  Deadline is technically December 31st, but it makes no sense to send it in then, since I fully expect my editor to be off somewhere partying (because that’s certainly what I’ll be doing.)  And the 1st is a holiday, the 2nd and 3rd fall on a weekend, sooo … I rather neatly bought myself four extra days.  I’ll use them to pull together the synopsis on Mercy.  The little baggage is tugging at me.


So, two minutes into my primo writing hours … I’d better close this out.  Be beautiful, my friends.

~kisses for the world~


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