cuz ya gotta have Faith

Well, she’s gone and done it again.  My darling friend, Karen, that is.  Her talent for photography combined with her beauty and her generous spirit have resulted in a lovely surprise for me.  See for yourselves!

karen elizabeth

i am, truly, the most fortunate girl in the world, to have such wonderful friends.  I’ve posted about Karen and her healthy, green lifestyle before.  There’s a reason she looks so peaceful and happy, y’all!  Go check out her site and learn ways you can help yourselves, your families, and our beautiful planet, as well.

If you’re not shy … and I know some of you are not … take a picture of yourself reading Faith and send it to me.  I’ll post it on her page.  And, while you’re at it, do the same with Grace.  She’s feeling a little neglected now that Faith and Charity are taking up so much of my time.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful holiday season.  My email, if you’d like to send a photo, is  And, if you have blogs, websites, and/or links of your own, send that, too.  I’m wicked with the linkage hookups.  Much love!

~kisses for the world~


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