The first book signing for Faith has been canceled due to some distribution issues from the bookstore warehouse to the store.  Soooo … will reschedule when the shipment comes in.  (Shhh … I’m secretly glad.  This gives me a few more hours to play with the deadline on Charity this weekend, since I got my editor’s out of office when I emailed about Grace.  He’s on vacation until Jan 4th.  Beautiful.)

As soon as I know the new date, I’ll post it here.

Additionally, the bookstore is unable to get copies of Grace, for some reason.  (Hence the email to my editor.)  It’s still shipping on Amazon.  I’ll let everyone know the dealio on that, as well, as soon I’ve been apprised.

Be beautiful, loves!

~kisses for the world~


2 thoughts on “announcement!

  1. Deneane,
    I just finished Faith and it was so wonderful. I reread Grace again (it just was awesome the 2nd go around) so I could go right into Faith. I had her on preorder and couldn’t wait to get it and it worth the wait. Just like with Grace I was up until wee hours until my hubby complained and then finished as soon as my family from Ga left this morning. You did it again! Now once again I will be waiting (a little impatient) to get Charity. You are a wonderful writer. I love that the you let the heronine be as strong as the hero but know just when to give in.

    Thanks again for for the wonderful read!

    Best Wishes for the New Year!

    Chris Boatman


    • Chris,

      So wonderful to hear from you again … and thank you! I’m glad you’re getting multiple reading enjoyment out of Grace and hope you find Faith treats you just as well. And thank your husband for me, too … ~laughing~ Sweet of him to stick with it until the wee hours.

      I’m on deadline lockdown (self-imposed lockdown, publisher-imposed deadline) on Charity right now. I’ll keep you posted on new pub dates. Thank you again!

      Deneane Elise Clark


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