It’s cold everywhere.  Not just in the usual parts of the world, but also here in South Carolina and in my beloved home town near New Orleans.  Shivery cold and rainy/icy/snowy.  What an excellent time to curl up with a sweet little romance novel (I can suggest a couple,) some full on fleece-lined clothing, and a nice hot mug of something soothing.

I’ll be venturing out of my little nest on Saturday to enjoy the warmth of my favorite local bookstore, who has kindly allowed me to park there for a couple hours and sign some books for those who love me enough to brave the chill.  I’d adore seeing you there!

Yet another very dear friend has gifted me with a picture of Faith, posed sweetly near a picture of his beautiful, beloved sailboat.  It brings to mind warmth, sun-drenched times, sand and sea and home, and I cannot thank him enough.  ~smile~


I’m taking some time off work to give Charity a tweak or two.  She needs it, the irreverent darling.  Bundle up, my friends.  Stay warm.  And be beautiful.

~kisses for the world~


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