I didn’t post this past weekend.  Between the book signings and the tweaking and stuff and stuff and other stuff, I just didn’t get to it.  But here I am!

Superfun book signing at Books-A-Million in Charlotte on Saturday.  No wizards, sadly, but there were cute emo/goth/punk tweens with kitty cat ear headbands to play with, and my sweetest of friends Karen and Andrea showed up to hang out.  And most amazing of all, when I walked in, I was greeted by the manager with some crazy-awesome news:

Faith has made their top shelf “we recommend in romance” for the month of January.

“Faith” … top shelf at BAM

Huh?  Whut?  Whoa!

I’m always stunned when things like this happen.  It makes me look around to see who they’re talking to … cuz it can’t be me, can it?  So I really don’t know what drives their selection criteria, but I do know that you are the ones who make it possible, so thanks!

Back to work full time with no time off in sight until mid-February, when I’m hoping (cross your fingers) to make a trip home for Mardi Gras.  Still working away on Charity, and I tugged together a new synopsis on Mercy, which went way differently than I’d originally thought it might.  Characters in books, somewhat like people, will surprise you sometimes.

Keep your eyes peeled for some possible reviews and featured author pieces on some review blogs.  I’m going to get back to work.  Be beautiful, my friends!

~kisses for the world~


4 thoughts on “giddy

    • Sandra,

      Thank you! Funny you should ask that, because I don’t think either Charity OR her guy consider him “her hero” for a good portion of the book. Sometimes, we don’t get too choose, do we? As to his identity, you and Charity met him in Faith. ~smile~ Care to guess?

      deneane elise clark


  1. I really wish I were able to make that signing! Your book looks so official up on that shelf, like a sliver of darkness in the light colors.


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