While I have been known to remark that I don’t like people, the truth is that I’m just a bit reticent … though it may not seem so from outward appearances.  A more accurate statement would be to say that I love people.

From a distance.

There are those who manage to worm their way and become friends or more.  For the most part, though, I like to be the odd one out.  Interaction in public, for me, is a very random thing.  I can be social, but I never really like it.

This means, of course, that book signings are, at best, difficult things for me.  It is not in my nature to greet people with the sort of enthusiasm that, to me, always seems fake and forced and quite obviously an overt attempt to get people to buy whatever one is selling … in my case, my current book.  So I typically sit at my little table and scribble in my notebook, looking up every time the door opens to toss a quick, bright smile at the new arrivals.

At odds with this aspect of my personality is my penchant for finding humor in odd moments.  When that happens, I never shrink from striking up a conversation with someone totally random.  Yes, I see the odd looks … it typically amuses me when it becomes obvious that I have pushed someone into an area of discomfort.  I’m not cruel.  I don’t continue to push them, but I do finish whatever I had to see and then move on.

What I love most about people, though, is watching them.  I watch and unearth every tiny odd detail, and then creatively expound upon it in my mind.  I spin stories about random strangers that would likely horrify them if they had the chance to peek inside my head.  I think it is this penchant and/or ability that keeps me from being bored … ever.

Because, as long as there are people, my ability to entertain myself will remain untapped.

Be beautiful, my friends.

~kisses for the world~


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