Out of the blue yesterday, my editor emailed me.  The subject line of the email said, simply, “Copy,” and I was mystified.  I cringed and clicked the button to open the mail, knowing full well that I haven’t completed Charity, that the copy he has is rough, at best, and that he was likely sending me a stern admonishment and revision suggestions.

Au contraire.

Instead, what he sent was exciting, terrifying and uplifting.  He has an opportunity to move the publication date of Charity from December to October, and he’d like to take advantage of it.

I blinked.  Wow.  Seriously?  He thinks I can deliver even earlier when I haven’t delivered entirely yet?  So, of course I responded that I would certainly be happy to do so.  Because stress is my middle name, and I utterly adore overloading myself until my brain quite nearly explodes.

So now I have to finish the novel this week, deal with the real estate agent who is coming to help me get my house on the market tomorrow, work a full time job, and … and …

My head was spinning.  I popped off the response before I’d finished reading the second part of his email, which was suggested copy for the back of the book.  He’ll get me artwork and a final on the copy soon.

Oh.  Cool.

So here it is.  Let me know what you think:


The comrade of the Ackerly sisters’ new brother-in-law was anything but. Lachlan Kimball, the newest Marquess of Asheburton, loomed tall, dark and rich—and he was looking for a wife.

Yet, he wasn’t right for Charity’s sister, whom he seemed intent on courting. Amity was in love with another man. But the Ackerly family stuck together, the twins most of all, so they would perpetrate a deception. Thwarting the infuriating Scotsman would even be a laugh. For one night Charity could act demure and gracious, strong yet obedient—everything that Lachlan sought. In that same night, he would prove himself everything she desired.


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