It’s coming up … just a few days left!  Have you picked out what shoes you won’t be wearing?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to visit One Day Without Shoes.  It’s an amazing cause … one of my favorites.  Give them a go, join the fun, maybe even make a video, and then head on over to Toms to snag a pair.  They even have a line of vegan footware for those of you (us) who have such preferences.  It’s one of the few places I’ll purchase an actual new pair of shoes.  (I buy most everything from thrift or consignment stores … eBay is totally my friend … so that I’m constantly upcycling instead of creating demand for new products.)

Anyhoo … that’s just a quick one.  I made a whirlwind trip to visit the ‘rents for the holiday weekend, and I’m heading back home tomorrow.  It’s been lovely!  Be beautiful, my friends.

~kisses for the world~


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