So I’ve been dancing around with social networking for a while, trying to find a way to incorporate all my little “hey, look at me” madness into simple, streamlined posting that takes up a minimum amount of time.

It’s like navigating an eMaze.

The fact is, there are facets, sides, dimensions, and fragments that all meld together to make up the bundle of insanity that is me.  Because of that (or, perhaps, in spite of it) the attempt to streamline my postings has been less than satisfactory.  Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are networking platforms to which I can single-post via Ping to my heart’s content … but I find that I prefer my relationship to my readers here to be a bit more personal.

My intentions were good.  I wanted to find a way to remain in touch when I cannot find time to actually create a blog entry.  My schedule has been extremely tight of late with deadlines and work and … and … and … well, you get the picture.  So here’s where it’ll stand for me:

  • Ribbons & Romance – I’ll continue to post unique and personal entries here when time allows.
  • Facebook – Probably the best way to keep in nearly direct contact with me at this time.  It has a unique ability to blend the old with the new in a time-friendly, efficient manner.
  • Twitter – I still have a love/hate relationship with this platform, but haven’t entirely given up.
  • Tumblr – This platform is falling into a rather intriguing niche somewhere between Twitter and Facebook, and I am growing rapidly fond of it.  I think it will end up being a quirky little journal … less cerebral than Ribbons & Romance, less interactive than Facebook, but more versatile than Twitter.

Feel free to follow, friend, or whatever you wish with any and/or all of the places I hang.  And, of course, you can also email me whenever you’d like.  Thanks for sticking around through my growing pains.  Muchly with the love.

~kisses for the world~


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