because i can’t NOT write …

So i totally forgot my notebook for the book signing yesterday, and since i’m way too shy (in an odd sort of way) to sit at my little table with my books without looking and actually being busy (even though the whole idea of a book signing is to promote and sell your book,) i bought this:

i suppose this journal, in all its creepy cuteness, will eventually join my stack of word-filled and dilapidated spiral notebooks.

i tossed about a couple ideas as to what i should do during the signing.  Being without my notebook meant i would be flying blind on the novel … no notes, no outline, no structure.  That’s not an entirely bad thing, since I pretty much know the story inside and out, but I feel like I lose touch with the continuity if I’m not reading what i’ve already written as I break new ground.

(i’ve really got to get a handle on this sporadic capitalization thing i’ve got going on with my personal pronoun.)

So.  Work on the synopsis for the fourth novel … or start brainstorming on the children’s series?  It didn’t take me long to decide to go with the children’s series option.  The character i’d like to build is a rather creepy little thing, which goes along well with the whole skull motif thing I’ve got working for me on the journal.

I got to work.  Since I was in the right place (a bookstore,) i abandoned my little pile of novels for a bit and cruised through the children’s section to try and get some kind of feeling for age groups, types of books, and where I need to adjust my approach as the character ages through the series.

I had originally thought to do a series of ten children’s books from the character’s age of four to fourteen, and then to write a young adult series from fourteen to eighteen.  But after my little walkthrough, I decided to develop a set cast of characters, and allow them to appear in each age level segment.  The main character will have some continuity through the series in the way she is dressed (at least up to the young adult stage.)  So it will basically be like writing the same book … just with more words, more mature transitions, and more developed plots, as we move through her childhood.

Enough rambling.  Time to get back to work. Be beautiful, my friends.

~kisses for the world~

deneane elise

P.S.  Bonus … the journal fits well and can withstand life in my purse.  WAY better than the spiral.  (Sorry spirals.  You had a good run.)


2 thoughts on “because i can’t NOT write …

  1. cute notebook. i remember you saying at hickory tavern that you were into “skulls” :)
    i recently departed from the boring spiral notebooks to journal style notebooks. they fit in the pocketbook better and are so much cuter!!! the one i’m using right now is spiral bound, which i do prefer!


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