hey there …

Faith… remember me?

I’m the chick who hasn’t been writing much ’round here, of late.  You can blame lots of things, not the least of which is me me me.  ~apologetic smile~

I don’t write well when I’m overwhelmed.  I can pretty much handle writing when I’m plain ol’ whelmed, but overwhelmishness gets me every time, and I find myself falling into patterns of procrastination.  “I’ll write when I finish burning this CD … when I finish my workout … etc.”  Or … “I’ll set the alarm early and write when I wake up.”

Snooze button much, Deneane Elise?

That’s not to say I haven’t been writing at all.  No, indeed.  I’ve been writing by hand in my beloved spiral notebooks.  It’s the transposition which has me being all procrasto-girl.  (Seriously, I think I deserve a cape and some tights.)  And I’m soooooo close.  Just not quite closing the deal.

So I’m upping the ante.  I’m emailing my editor tomorrow to ask him why he’s not being all hardass on me … only not in those words, of course … because it does seem pretty odd that I haven’t heard from him on revisions.  By my calculations (which is a complex formula based on nothing in particular, since I hate calculating things (although i adore being calculating, and hey, is it legal to put a parenthetical inside a parenthetical?)) we should be tossing emails back and forth on the line edits by now.

See what I mean about getting off track?

Anyhoo … still tweaking Charity, got the plot pretty much worked out on Mercy, though I’m not terribly happy with the villain and will have to do some brainstorming.  Book signings continue unabated until I manage to learn the skill of the pounce and sell, and the children’s series thingy dealy continues to swirl around inside my horribly busy head.  And, with that, it is abruptly midnight …

… tonight, I write.  On the computer.  Be beautiful, my friends.

~kisses for the world~

P.S.  Oh, hey … like the new look?  It’s one of my more productive procrastinations.  Muchly with the love.


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