first look at Charity

Well, here it is … freshly stolen from my page at Amazon since my publisher has yet to send it to me.  ~laughing~  Intriguingly, that’s typically how we communicate, but it seems to work for us.

I don’t have anything but the cover art, at this point, but I’ll be keeping y’all updated as things develop.  As always, thank you thank you thank you for anything, everything, and even all that nothings … because I know a bunch of you are out there being all quietly supportive.

Muchly with the love.  ~kisses for the world~


5 thoughts on “first look at Charity

  1. jij moet weet hoe lang ik wach voor deze boek het is super ik kan niet meer wachten hoor,ik wil graag angels kan schrijven. Groeten Antonija



  2. hey girl!!!
    i just found your business card over the weekend and realized i never came to check out your blog! glad to finally be here and i’m catching up on posts now. i will add you to my google reader as well :)
    hope all is well.


  3. So excited to see the new book cover. Looks so good, still waiting impatiently (haha) for the book to come out. I know this one will be just as wonderful as Grace and Faith.

    I enjoy your books so much and once I start reading them I can’t seem to put them down even to sleep. The good thing is my husband is now on night shift, so when Charity comes out I will be able to read for as long as I wish without hearing “are you ever going to turn out the light”. Which is what I heard with the other ones.

    Thanks again for such fun and good reads.

    Chris Boatman


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