hullo, hullo!

CharitySo, I don’t know what it’s like for the other writers out there, but sometimes …

… I procrastinate.

Yeah, it’s true.  And when I procrastinate, people come looking for me and say really sweet things like, “Uh … where’s the rest of the manuscript?”  When that happens, I get all loopy and do silly things like scrap the last 8 chapters and write 15,000 words in 36 hours with almost no sleep, and … and …

… and I neglect all the other stuff.  Like this blog.  Forgive me, darlings.

The good news is that Charity, in her completed form, is in the capable hands of my amazingly patient and quite handsome (I think … I’ve never actually met him) editor, and I’m just waiting for him to do his magic and send me back the line edits, at which point I’ll plunge right in, get very little sleep, and not not NOT procrastinate.  Right?


The other good news is that I’m completing the proposal on Mercy and popping it over to the aforementioned super-delicious, brilliant beyond words ~bright blinky smile~ editor for his perusal and hopeful offer of a contract.  On pretty, white, extra-long legal type paper that goes all wonky on the bottom when I try to file it.  And stuff.

And the other other good news is … I’m done with the shameless pandering.  Getting back to work.  Be beautiful, my friends.

~kisses for the world~


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