so this weekend …

Charity… I finally put Charity to bed.

Line edits came from my editor (who actually used “ZOMG” in one of our emails and described himself as a 14 year old boy at heart when I called him on it … so funny) late Friday, and I plunked myself down to complete over 14,000 edits and revision suggestions.  For those of you who don’t know what all that entails, i’ll give you the gory and totally uninteresting details:

Most of it is formatting.  He turns on track changes and begins at the beginning.  Word keeps track of every single change, from removing extra spaces to spelling corrections (not many of those … I’m a spelling beast,) comma deletion (I get comma happy.  It’s a weakness) and content changes. Additionally, he places comments at points in the story he thinks might need some rewrites or additions or just some tweaks.  And then he sends it to me.

On my end, I have to accept or reject those changes.  I typically run through it chronologically and accept all the little tweakages, look more closely at wording he’s changed and either accept or reject that, and read the comments, but skip over them for more in-depth consideration after I’ve cleaned up the clutter.  The process of getting through that alone took my entire Saturday.

Sunday was dedicated to the rewrites and additions.  I spent so much time in my chair between the two days, that I actually hurt my back by not using it.  By the time Monday morning rolled around, I realized I’d spent from 6pm Friday evening until 6am Monday morning in my desk chair.  Iwon’t be doing that again.

At least not until I blow another deadline.

I’m getting some rest, my friends.  Between the much needed sleep, a couple hot baths a day, and some serious muscle relaxers, I might be human by tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Be beautiful.  ~kisses for the world~


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