oh, mercy mercy me …

CharityHullo, friends and minions.  (You can all decide which descriptor fits you best … some of you fall into both categories.)  I have good news and bad news.

First the good news:

I have received an offer to write Mercy!  Yup, it’s true, the youngest Ackerly sister will finally get a chance to dance at the ball, to eat at the grown up table, to sip her first champagne (yes?) and do her level best to turn the Duke of Blackthorne’s world inside out.  Mercy fans, you will have to wait no longer!

(Well, technically, you will have wait a bit longer.  Especially since I haven’t even written it yet.  Heh.)

In the meantime … Charity hits the shelves September 28th.  Pop on over to Amazon or your favorite bookseller and preorder (links in the sidebar or the way down at the bottom bar, or somewhere on this page.)  You can also visit Night Owl Reviews and see what Audrey had to say in her review of Faith.  Sooooo flattered and humbled.  ~smile~  Thanks, Audrey!

And now … the bad news:  I’m a great big liar …


(Wow.  I’m really tired.  All these exclamation points.)

Be beautiful, my friends.

~kisses for the world~


10 thoughts on “oh, mercy mercy me …

  1. LOL! Look at me me up reading this at 1am in the morning! I cannot wait to hit the store when Charity hits the shelves and very thrilled that Mercy will get her chance with ‘her’ duke. LOL! :D


    • Jen,

      Thank you, dahling. However, i DO have a bit of news on that score. Dorchester (my publisher) is, effective immediately, going all digital, so Charity will only be out (at first) as an eBook. Do you, by chance, have an eReader?

      deneane elise


  2. Laughing…WHY did I actually think there was bad news? But you piqued my interest enough to find out…that’s a wow, because I can’t even pique my own interest in my own world because it is too ‘otherworldly’…

    Love you big sis…Mins


  3. Hi, again!
    I’m really frustrated, because everyone has the book (Faith). And I do not! Hell! What will I do? People waiting vor the book 3 (Charity) and I do not, because it would be several years! F ****! Sorry! I find that very frustrierend wachten.Niet to believe it! Hell! And the translator is always difficult because I write in nedelans. There are not many words to let you know that I am a big fen. I really want to write the same language. Deneane, how long must I wait before the books in the Netherlands will be. I wish you much success with your books and your life with your children because the children one of the best things is, if not the best. I also have two children. And My Mercy is very naughty. Laugh! And it’s not even 3 years old. Thanks vor the books! And kiss for you !!!!!! Your big fen Antonia!

    Antonia greetings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Antonia,

      I’m soooo sorry! I have an email in to my editor to see if the book has been or will be published in the Netherlands. Thank you so much for being a fan and for reading me. I hope this finds you well.

      deneane elise


  4. Faith and Grace are delightful reads. I am so pleased that we will get Mercy’s story and there’s no doubt she will “land” the duke. My kindle will be waiting for Charity’s story.


    • Sandra,

      Thank you so much! It’s encouraging to me that you mention your Kindle … I’ve sort of stayed away from posting to this blog because I have so much trepidation about the changes. I popped in here today to finally put down my thoughts and found your comment.

      So thank you again. I hope you’re well.

      deneane elise


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