CharityCharity will be out in a week.

This is normally the time when my excitement is ramping up, the time I plan a visit to the bookstore to see my new baby on the shelves, the time I begin setting up book signings and toss emails out into the world like so many birth announcements.

But things are different this time.

I’m am excited … don’t get me wrong.  But I’m also anxious and a little worried.  You see, this book isn’t going to be on the shelves like the others.  Many of you, who are my friends on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and all the other little ways I eCommunicate, already know this.  Dorchester, my publishing company, made the transition to an all eBook format (with possible future publication as trade paperbacks on a demand print basis) this month.

That’s right.  This month.

There are positives.  I’m a very green girlie, so the needless use of paper appeals to me.  Some of you might know that when mass market paperbacks are not sold in a timely manner, bookstores rotate them off their shelves and often return them to the publisher.  To save on shipping costs, they strip the cover from the book and simply ship the covers back … the remainder of the book gets trashed (one hopes into a recycling bin.)  So digital publishing is earth-friendly.

Questions remain for me, though.  Is this a bold move on Dorchester’s part, destined to place them on the lead wave of an industry-wide shift to digital publishing?  Or is it a last ditch effort to save the company?

I’ve tossed options around in my head for the past few weeks, which is one reason I’ve remained mostly silent on this blog.  I’m terribly fond of my editor, which is saying a great deal for me, since I mostly don’t like people.  I have an offer on the table for Mercy, but so far, nothing on paper.  My plans were to finish this series and begin the second, which I have mapped out.  The proposal sits in my drafts, waiting for me to make a decision.

In the meantime, my beautiful friends, if you have not yet acquired a Kindle or a Nook, it looks like that’s the way the world will go for the last two Ackerly stories.  Progressive little baggages, aren’t they?

~kisses for the world~


10 thoughts on “ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. I have a question maybe I am not understanding but is Charity not going to be coming out in paperback or is it the next two books coming out? The reason I ask is I have already prepaid about 2 months ago to the book store I use to buy Charity. I really really enjoy your books but I have to say I am a little worry because I am one of those who don’t have the digital book readers. I would so hate not to be able to get the rest of your series as they are wonderful and so fun and enoyable to read. Don’t mean to complain just really wondering.
    But whatever happens I wish the best success in all your writing.

    Chris Boatman


    • Chris,

      Unfortunately, that’s precisely what’s happening; Charity is only, at first, going to be published in digital format. There’s a possibility it will be released as a print on demand trade paperback sometime next year, but that’s still up in the air. I’m pretty sure if you go back to the bookstore, they’ll be able to refund you. The move to an all digital format took me and my editor quite by surprise … I don’t have an eReader, myself, though I will certainly be getting one.

      I don’t know what this means for Dorchester … I’m certainly hoping they remain solvent. I’m not getting a lot of information out of them right now, and my editor is clearly overwhelmed with the changes. I think, though, that we should all likely get used to reading in a digital format. Eventually, like music, it’s the way all published material will be read, I think.

      Thank you for the support, Chris … I completely and utterly value you, and hope you’ll be able to find a way to continue to read my work. Stay tuned! I’ll definitely keep everyone posted on new happenings. Much love,

      deneane elise


  2. Im sorry to hear that the book wont be in paper, but to all the people who dont have kindle or ereaders i just wanted to let you know that barnes and nobel.come and lets you download ereaders to your pc. I have bought books that i cant get in paperback and downloaded them to my pc……but i dont like reading form the computer……I enjoy reading a book and taking it with me wherever i go…….but i will have to dl this one and i cant wait for mercy…..Ms. Clark I loved both books, i read faith first and loved it so much i read it three times then ordered grace and love it too i hope you write mercy soon…….


  3. I am a little confused. I thought Charity was going to be released today as an eBook. I can’t find it anywhere. I have checked all the sites even Dorchesters. A couple have it listed as (paperback), but state that it is not available at this time. Has there been a delay?


  4. We, my fellow readers and I, are SO disappointed to learn about Charity’s book not being published in mass market. None of us have e-readers and none of us like to read electronically either. We have LOVED your first two books and this is a real loss to us! We will have to hope that perhaps Charity and Mercy will make the trade publication “list” soon.
    Thank you for the wonderful reading!


    • Claire,

      Thank you SO much, and I’m deeply sorry to lose you as a reader. Please keep checking back, and I promise to let everyone know if the possibility of a trade printing occurs. In the meantime, I hope this finds you well. Feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the most current information possible.

      Again, thank you. Warmly,

      deneane elise clark


  5. I tried to buy the digital too, today ive been waiting since i found out charity was comeing out…….I was so disapointed this morning…….but on dorchesters web site it said it wouldnt be out until Oct……..
    I wish I could let them know what a mistake they are making because not everybody likes digital……I wish I could find a place to advertize these books they are great……Ms. Clark is now one of my favorite authors, cant wait ot read charity and mercy……..


    • Anna,

      Thank you, my friend. ~smile~ I spoke with my editor today. There is a delay on the digital side of things, and they apologize. He will let me know as soon as they get it fixed. The bright side is that you won’t be billed until it downloads … so hang tight, please! I appreciate you!

      deneane elise clark


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