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CharityHey there!  I’ve been a bit busy, so haven’t been updating properly.  I also didn’t have good information … and I am still not 100% positive on what I do have but here’s the latest:




  • Charity is due to be released as an eBook in December.
  • Faith has been published in a Dutch language version and is now available in the Netherlands.  Here’s a copy of the cover, with the title Alleen uit liefde, which I am told translates to “only love.”

  • There is a contract on Mercy, but it is pending rewrites due to the new business platform at Dorchester.

As for me, well … I’m doing the usual.  Writing lots, working lots, and playing lots.  (Okay, not so much with the playing, but it sounds good.)  My daughter, Amanda, is in town for a brief visit before she jets off to France to be an au pair, so I’m enjoying that very much … she’ll be gone for a whole year!

Email me anytime with questions or comments, or leave a little note in the comment section here if there’s something you’d like to know.  I’ll try to be better about posting and updating.

~kisses for the world~


4 thoughts on “updating …

  1. I’m very, very pleased to read this update. I am sitting in my cubicle, wondering whether to reveal my pleasure or keep it to myself. Perhaps I will let a small but wise smile creep onto my face as I walk a proof upstairs to the layout department.

    December is just about when I’ll be able to budget a Kindle purchase. That’s Merry Krampus to ME! I look forward to making Charity’s acquaintance.


  2. Hi, Can you tell me when Charity will be out in a book ? I do not have a e-book. I’m a stay at home mom, so books for me! Thanks and love the series!


    • Vickie,

      Hello there! Thank you so much, and I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed Grace and Faith. Unfortunately, I don’t have a date as to when (or if) Charity will be out in book form, but I do promise to keep you posted via this blog. You can also follow me on Twitter (I’m kind of sporadic there) or friend me on Facebook (I’m much better there) for the latest news.

      Love that you’re a stay at home mom … the world needs more of those! Best to you …

      deneane elise


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