thankful …

charity… for more than i can possibly list.

Busy happy day for us.  Cooked the entire spread beginning early in the morning, and then packed it all up and took it over to my aunt and uncle’s house.  They are sort of in a no man’s land of moving, and had everything but the kitchen packed up to move last week, but a last minute issue with the person buying their house pushed back the closing, and they found themselves stuck here with no plans for T-day.  No way I was letting that happen, of course.

So, dinner was out of the way early, and Amanda and i headed home with all the leftovers.  There’s a team that handles Mexico accounts where I work, and because Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, they had to go in today.  So we packed up about half the leftovers and took them in for the two guys and their supervisor to enjoy.  No way my tiny family was going to eat all that food … especially since i go back to being vegetarian after a few bites of turkey on the big day.  Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed dropping that food off for them.

Best part of my day … without question.

One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving and Christmas is to go to the movies, and the newest Harry Potter movie is just out, so of course we took that in.  Very very good … can’t wait for the second part to come out next summer.  And then, because we obviously hadn’t had enough cinema time, Amanda and i headed over to the local welfare theater (her name for the buck fifty place) and saw “Easy A.”  Love love LOVE this movie!  It was my second time seeing it, but I’d really been wanting to share the experience with my girl, so I was happy to find it playing there.

Thoroughly exhausted by the time the movie was over, we went home.  Our intention was to have some leftovers and a glass of wine, but we totally couldn’t hang.  i think i was asleep by 10:30. Didn’t write a single word.


i hope your holiday was just as lovely.  Be beautiful, my friends.



2 thoughts on “thankful …

  1. Just finished Charity, I was not disapointed it was worth waiting for, Charity reminded me of Grace and Amity reminded me of Faith…….Now i Cant wait for Mercy…….One question how old are Lachlan and Sabastion, it looked Lachlan was 23 but I think hes closer to 33………


    • Anna,

      Thank you so much, and I’m very happy you enjoyed it! I hope Mercy is also worth the wait. ~smile~ To answer your question, Lachlan and Sebastian are around the same age, which, in Charity, is 23. Trevor and Gareth were also 23 in their respective stories.

      When I began writing the stories, I just had a loose idea of who would go with who and didn’t really have ages figured out, which was fine when there was only one book. While writing Faith, though, it quickly became apparent that, since the cast of characters was true to the entire series, I would have to create a reference so that I could keep track. So I have a spreadsheet for the timeline, and a running document that keeps track of ever single character in the story … even those who appear only briefly.

      I hope you’re having a beautiful holiday season, and thank you again.

      deneane elise


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