beautiful things …

charity… keep happening.

But this isn’t going to be some sappy blog post about how this beautiful thing and that beautiful thing happened and made me feel all happy and giddy and like i might spew rainbows and sparkly stars and such.  Nope.  i just think beautiful things.

Right. So.

Charity is finally available for download at all the places I have linked on this blog.  So that means if you’re a Kindle person and/or a Nook person, you can get it.  It’s been  quite a ride to get her out there, but i’ve been a good and patient girly, so lets hope good things come to those who don’t flip out and curse editors and publishers.  Heh.

Thank you to everyone who wrote, blogged, commented, emailed, tweeted, faced, tumbled and sent me smoke signals of encouragement.  You’re the reason i keep writing.  Well, that and the fact that i’d stop breathing if i stopped writing.

i’m hoping in the coming year to get more consistent with capitalizing my personal pronoun.  Why do I have so much trouble with that?  Thank goodness for self-correcting word processing programs, or my editor would keel me dead.  I’m pretty sure he already hates me for the inconsistent old school typing class double space after each sentence thing I’ve still got going on. (Love you, Mrs. Lamulle!)

Anyhoo, that’s all for now, lovelies.  Hope your holiday season is filled with beautiful things!

~kisses for the world~


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