couple things …

Good news, my beautiful friends!

A lovely reader sent me an email today asking if Grace would ever be published as an e-book like Faith and Charity.  My editor had previously mentioned that it would happen, but I had no idea when.  So I popped off a quick email to him and he responded immediately with the following information:

Grace and Faith are scheduled for release as trade paperbacks in August.  (Trade paperbacks are the slightly larger books.)  This will coincide with the release of Charity, which will be considered a front list title in trade that month.  Additionally at that time, Grace will be available as an e-book, too.  Faith and Charity are already available for download at most of your favorite e-bookstores.

Sooo stoked!  This means that everyone who has been asking me if they would be able to purchase sets (i.e. all the same style) of the series will be able to do so as of August.  No news yet on a publication date for Mercy, but you’ll all be the first to know!  Well … the second.

Another beautiful thing danced across my screen this morning while perusing my favorite blogs.  Hayley Williams, the beautiful and talented lead singer of Paramore, posted a link to the blog of a romance writer who attended a concert with her 14 year old daughter.  The experience left an impression on her, which inspired her to write a piece comparing rock and roll music to writing romance.  A line from her post:

“But in the romance genre, as in pop music – I guess I should speak for myself here but I’ll go out on a limb with the gross generalization anyway – it doesn’t work like that.  Posterity and the muse take a backseat, I think, to actual people alive on the planet right now.

Does that make the product more transitory?  More disposable?  Well, maybe.  Think of the Billboard Hot 100, or the romance shelves at Barnes & Noble.  There’s always something new coming along to push whatever’s there now out of the way.  Whereas nobody’s ever going to shoulder out Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, or War and Peace.”

~ Adventures in Parenting:  The Seven Hour Rock Concert

Give her a read, will you?  I completely loved her blog.



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