i keep not writing stuff here …

… which is why I’m posting stuff other people have written.  Talent by proxy.  Some people make a damn fine living doing it.  Either way, you should read this blog post.

A little sample:

Few writers make enough money to earn a so-called “living wage.”

What is a living wage, you ask? It’s an annual wage that allows you to not perish. It allows you to not freeze to death, or not live in a dumpster where your extremities are eaten by opossum, or not die of starvation under an underpass. I mean, let’s be clear: most writers earn less than your average hobo. A hobo, he might earn ten bucks an hour. Sure, it goes toward booze or toward his raging Magic: The Gathering habit, but still, it’s more than you get paid to be a wordmonkey.

Okay, yeah, I earn a living wage, but you know how hard I have to work? I have to write like, 10,000 words per day. Backwards. While I provide sexual favors to industry insiders with my left hand (the sinister hand is the only hand appropriate for the tasks I give it to perform, be assured).

Since society still demands that we pay it money — and not, say, wampum or words or sexy dances — then trust me, it is not worth it being a writer. A writer, you’re basically just a homeless troglodyte.

~ Chuck Wendig
terrible minds

This comes to me by way of a reader/eFriend.  It literally had me LOLing.  I’d ROFL, but I’d have to clear a space for that or do laundry or something.  So thank you, Trish.  I owe you one.

Go read, beautiful friends.

~kisses for the world~


One thought on “i keep not writing stuff here …

  1. Deneane Clark

    The Ackerly Sisters

    Deel 1 755 De vasthoudende graaf Grace Trevor Caldwell & Grace Ackerly
    Deel 2 910 Alleen uit liefde Faith Gareth Lloyd & Faith Ackerly
    Deel 3 * * Charity Lachlan Kimbal & Charity Ackerly


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