i never really touch on the “ribbons” part of this blog

charityThe “romance” portion is rather obvious.  Not so much the “ribbons” bit of my blog name.

From a real world standpoint, anyone who knew me while my daughter was in middle and high school can tell you that I made and sold about a gabillion hair ribbons at cheerleading functions to help offset some of the costs of this expensive sport.  I made them for nearly every school in our little town, for intramural cheer squads, for cheerleading camps and at competitions.  I made so damn many hair ribbons that, as soon as Amanda was finished with high school, I gave away all my paints, glitters, and accoutrements, and promptly vowed to never make another hair ribbon ever ever again.

But I still love ribbons and bows.  Way way more than a nearly 43 year old woman should.

The other reference has to do with the children’s series upon which I’ve been working for some time now.  Esmé is coming along nicely, though she’s a bit slower in development than my romances.  She’s an odd little thing, always wandering around on the periphery of things.  She, too, is rather fond of bows and such, and it was because of her that I tossed the word “ribbons” into the title of this blog.

So there you have it.  Not that anyone has ever asked.  Heh.  I’m just vain enough to assume you’ve all been DYING to know.  ~laughing~

Be beautiful, my friends.


3 thoughts on “i never really touch on the “ribbons” part of this blog

  1. Have you finished Mercy, are you just waiting for a publish date…….I got a nook so now i dont have to worry, so tell your publisher to hurry up lololol


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