fun with Mercy

charityHullo, beautiful friends.  As usual, I’ve woefully neglected this blog.  I have no excuse whatsoever, except to say that I’ve been busy busy busy with forty-eleven writing projects AND …

… I took a little trip to London and Nice with my daughter. ~beaming~

More on that later.  I have news.  (Pretend you’re hearing a drumroll.)

Tentative publication date on Mercy is March 2012.

Yay!  Still hammering out the details with my editor on that, so it’s subject to slide a little bit toward the summer depending on my ability to survive without sleep, sustenance, or social life, but I’m totally willing to forgo all that for you!  But I’m going to need your help.

You see, Mercy is quite the clumsy thing.  Some of you might remember meeting her at the beginning of Grace, when the Duke of Blackthorne thought he’d run over the poor girl.  It’s only gotten worse from there.  So, if you would be so kind, send me suggestions on things Mercy can trip over, and I’ll do my very best to incorporate some of them into the story.  You can send them to me any ol’ way you want … comment on this blog, hit me up on the Twit or the Face, or email me … it all comes to my phone, so I’ll be sure to see it.

Soooo looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and jumping in on this one.  I’ve kinda missed the Ackerly girls.

Be beautiful, my friends.


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