Grace available for free? Surely you jest …

graceOh, but i’m entirely serious.  : )  I’m so happy to announce that Grace, which has just been released as an eBook this month, is being featured on the Barnes & Noble Nook Book Club blog as a Free Friday offering.  Yay!  That means you can download it for free through 8/5/11.

As an added feature to the piece, they asked me to review another book in their Nook offerings.  I chose In for a Penny, by Rose Lerner.  Do check out this wonderful writer.  She has a deft hand with prose, and an attention to detail for the period that puts me to shame … LOL.  I entirely enjoyed the book.  So pop over, read my review, snag a free download, and give Ms. Lerner a look-see, wontcha?

As always, be beautiful, my darling friends. : ))


6 thoughts on “Grace available for free? Surely you jest …

  1. I just finished reading Grace that i was able to download free from Amazon. The FIRST thing i did when i finished? Jump to Amazon to see if there were more books featuring this wonderful set of characters!

    I want to thank you and your publishers for allowing the book to be a freebie, and I know you often wonder if it leads to further purchases. In my case, i can say YES! As a “new” single mom my book budget isn’t huge, but I will be buying Faith tomorrow. Charity will have to wait until next month because my kids appear to need new socks to wear to school! LOL!!!

    One thing i do have to say is that i prefer buying my books in the iBooks store for reading on my iPad, the reading experience is just that much nicer. However, Amazon is cheaper so I will probably buy it there.

    I’m looking forward to reading all of them!!


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