charityOkay, I give.  I call uncle.  I’m rolling over and accepting my fate.  I have heard your requests, your demands, your questions, and your concerns.  I have read the emails, posted comments, Facebook messages, and Twitter mentions.

The answer is yes.

Patience has been, well … um …

… patient.

She has raised her sisters faithfully and with good humor.  She has watched her younger siblings go off to fall in love, to marry and make babies.  (Well, technically, she hasn’t watched them make babies, cuz, like … ewww.  But you know what I mean.)  Now, with only one of her charges left to marry off to one last hapless nobleman, what is to become of steady, reliable, quite decidedly on the shelf Patience?

I am here to tell you that Patience will get a chance to dance at the ball.  It’s only right, you see, that she not be left in Pelthamshire to grow gracefully old and darn her Papa’s socks.  And, now that I think about it, it’s high time absent-minded ol’ Bingham retrieved his nose from his dusty tomes, ventured out of his study and into the real world, and tried his own hand at love.  Don’t you agree?

I’m so looking forward to this.  ~rubbing hands together gleefully~  Hang on to your hats, my friends.  : )


10 thoughts on “Patience

  1. What relief I feel. But I will admit I am your most impatient reader when it comes to anything you write. Though I am happy there are plans for Patience, I have to manage my own anticipation by not dwelling on the possibilities. I already have a hard enough time waiting for your next published work!


  2. Glad to know that the eldest of the Ackerly sisters will have her own special story. I look forward for your next book.
    Grace, Faith, and Charity (with Amity on the sidelights) were already introduced to me…they are now included in my Nook shelf.



  3. I have gobbled up your three books this week and have enjoyed them so much! Cant wait for Mercy and am impatient for Patient! LoL going to fb now for friend if tgats ok. Happy writing! Sandra


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