cover art on Mercy

It’s small.  I’ll get a better one soon.  : )  But here it is:

Will be posting more stuffage soonish.  My brain is crowded.  For now, be beautiful my friends.


6 thoughts on “cover art on Mercy

  1. Does this mean it will be in paper back or is it the cover of an Ebook, I still love paper but my nook is ready cant wait………….


    • Julie,

      Thank you for asking : ) Tentative electronic release date is Marcy 2012, which usually means it will be available the last week of February. Check back here for updates, or you can also follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook.

      i hope this finds you well.

      deneane elise


  2. I REALLY don’t know how I can hold on with “Patience”…until March 2012 to read Mercy!! I just discovered & read Grace, Faith, & Charity in starvation speed (& they are not normally the type of books I read LOL).

    And so blissfully happy to know that Patience isn’t being left in the old home…

    During Charity, I had a concept of Eloise & Bingham…. LOL …?


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