totally of the freaky …

So I spent Labor Day weekend with my parents in south Mississippi.  The weekend was supposed to be a writing weekend dedicated to finishing the rough on Mercy, but I neglected to give my parents explicit instructions about my visit, which should have included the phrase “tell no one I am here.”  Because of this, I wrote very little and spent time visiting with a revolving door of people I love dearly.  Not a bad thing, of course.

Unless you’re on a deadline.  Oops.

But why did I title this blog post “totally of the freaky?”  Well.  When I sent the .jpg of the cover art on Mercy to Mama and Daddy, she told me that the cover looked remarkably similar to the house they lived in while Daddy was stationed in England with the Air Force.  So she dragged out the old picture boxes and we started going through them until we found the picture below.  Keep in mind that I have no control over the cover art on my books … that is totally handled by my publisher.  Also, this is the house in which I was conceived, though I was actually born in the US:

And, of course … the cover of Mercy:

Totally of the freaky, yes?  : )  I love everything about it.  Be beautiful, my friends.


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