regarding Mercy …

charityHey there, y’all : )

I have an inbox full of emails, a bunch of comments on here, a ton of Facebook messages, etc … and I wanted you to know that I am not ignoring you.  I don’t have an answer yet, but wanted to give you a little bit of something, so here it is:

My publisher, Dorchester Publishing Company, is going through something.  I have ideas and opinions (and, well, facts) but am choosing to keep them to myself at this time.  The bottom line is that Mercy, as y’all know, has not yet been released, and there is some question as to whether or not they will release it.  That does not mean, however, that Mercy will never be released.

My wonderful and talented editor left the company at the end of January, and has landed elsewhere.  I miss him terribly, but am quite happy for him.  That did, however, leave Dorchester with no editorial staff, and left Mercy unedited.

Here is my promise to all of you:  Mercy will be published.

I have a feeling it won’t be with Dorchester, but it will be with someone, and it will be soon.  If I don’t find a home for it with a publishing house, I will get it out there as a self-published e-book.  And, if for some reason, I decide that is not a viable option, I will post it here.  You will get the end of the series.

I’m so sorry for the delay, beautiful friends.  As soon as I have some sort of solid answers, it is my intention to reply to every single email, comment, and message.  Until then, be beautiful, and have an amazing day : )


17 thoughts on “regarding Mercy …

  1. Thank you so much for the update and and I am really looking forward to reading Mercy. I have had it on my outlook calendar forever. Hopefully it won’t be forever.


  2. i’m sorry your having a hard time releasing Mercy. Ive been waitinng and hoping for its release soon. It all started when I downloaded Grace. I enjoyed that book so much I purchased the other 2 books. And Im sure Mercy will be worth the wait!


  3. I read the other three books to this series and am so looking forward to reading Mercy. She is so full of life. I love your books.
    Also you had mentioned another book after Mercy, about the older sister, who had put her life on hold for her sisters, I hope you dont give up on that idea I would like to read it as well.
    I hope your days are filled with love and joy.


    • Tavonia,

      Thank you so much : ) Patience actually has her own little love story within Mercy … so no fifth book in this series. I am currently working on a series set in and around the world of tournaments in the middles ages starring the ancestors of the men the Ackerly sisters loved. Wish me luck, and I’m so happy you enjoyed the series.

      deneane elise


      • Hello Deneane, I was wondering if there were any updates for us on Mercy. You probably feel bombarded by people questioning you about it. Maybe if enough people show interest it will show someone how important your writing is and they will publish you.
        Another option could be to take orders and have us pre pay for the books so u could get it published yourself.
        I am sorry if I seem pushy I have just been so looking forward to reading this book. :(


        • Tavonia … nothing new, I’m afraid. I’m looking into other avenues, but for the time being, the book is under contract and I have to wait to see where my rights fetch up. Thank you so much for wanting it, and you’re not being pushy : ) I hope this finds you well!


    • Audra,

      Welcome and thank you! Seems like I sent a billion, before someone bit, and that someone was not an agent. I actually represent myself. I finished Grace in 1994 … and by finished, I mean finished writing it longhand in two spiral bound notebooks. I queried and got rejected for four years before finding a home with editor Chris Keeslar at Dorchester. When they made me an offer, I obtained an agent with William Morris for a very short time.

      So that’s a long answer that didn’t actually answer your question : ) I’m rather good at doing that. Nice to e-meet you, Audra.

      deneane elise


  4. I am so glad to hear that Mercy will be published. It is so hard to wait. I love this series and have reread each book several times. In the book, Charity, the scene of her first sexual experience is the best I’ve ever read. You captured it perfectly and I have reread it numerous times. It will always be one of my favorite reads. Can’t wait to read Mercy.


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