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And, just to whet your appetites, here’s a little excerpt from Grace:

The garden, illuminated by the full moon, was bright in comparison to the gloomy interior of the house, the damp night air just slightly chilly, although Grace hardly noticed it as she walked through the shadowy maze of well-kept flower beds and neatly trimmed hedges.  She found her way unerringly to the hedge that concealed the low marble bench from the house, half-expecting to see Trevor already waiting for her on the other side.  To her surprise, he had not yet arrived.  She sat down and crossed her legs, thoroughly enjoying the freedom of movement wearing men’s clothing allowed her, a luxury she had not indulged since coming to London.

As she waited, Grace allowed herself to think again about the enormity of what she planned to do.  In Pelthamshire, where she did as she wished with no thought for the possible results, her neighbors would frown upon, but ultimately forgive such a venture.  The same did not hold true here in London, where the daunting consequences for breaking the rules kept most young women from daring to act with anything closely resembling impropriety.  Suddenly, the whole adventure struck her as a very bad idea.  What if someone recognized her?  Grace’s stomach clenched as she thought of how quickly such a delicious story would spread through the ton.  It would upset and anger Aunt Cleo, Faith would not have a prayer of making a suitable match, and the ton would consider the entire Ackerly family a laughingstock.

“I see you’re ready,” came Trevor’s low, mocking voice from out of the darkness.

Grace jumped quickly to her feet, her heart beating a quick staccato.  “Damn you, Huntwick, you startled me!”  She glared at the shadowy figure leaning lazily against the         garden wall.

Trevor chuckled at her unladylike language, then patted the smooth wall behind him, easily ten inches higher than his own six feet two inches.  “Do you think you can make it over this?” he asked, knowing she would likely try to scale a building if he said he thought she could not.

Sure enough, Grace’s head snapped up and her small chin jutted out in a way that became daily more endearing to Trevor.  “Of course I can,” she shot back immediately, completely forgetting that, only moments before, she had considered backing out of the entire scheme.  With a confident toss of her head, she walked over to the wall, handed Trevor her cane, then gave the barrier an appraising look.  It suddenly looked much higher than it had only a few moments before.  Backing up a few feet, she took a couple of running steps and leapt at it.  She managed to get her hands up and around two of the decorative iron spikes that marched along the top of the wall.  She hung there in triumph for a moment.

Then she promptly ran out of ideas.

Trevor watched in mirthful enjoyment as Grace first tried bracing her feet against the wall, but found the slick soles of her new boots could not get a purchase on the equally slick marble.  He let her struggle for a few moments, admiring the unobstructed view of her trim derriere in the breeches.  Realizing she would continue to attempt, unsuccessfully, to climb the wall unless he intervened, Trevor finally took pity on her plight.  He stepped up behind her and gave her pert backside a firm, upward boost.

Surprised, Grace landed and perched, catlike, between the spikes atop the marble wall, glaring down at Trevor angrily.  “I would have made it myself,” she hissed hotly.

“Of course you would have,” he agreed instantly, vaulting easily to the top of the wall beside her, then jumping down the other side to the street below.  “Now jump.”

She hesitated.

“Don’t worry.  I’ll catch you,” he promised in his most reassuring voice, infuriating her further with his condescending attitude.  He held out his arms encouragingly.

So Grace jumped, not lightly into his arms as Trevor had expected her to do, but straight down at him, knocking him off balance so he ended up sprawled on the street, with Grace sitting on his chest, glaring down at him in belligerent scorn.  She tossed her head disdainfully.  “I could have done it myself,” she repeated.


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    • Not yet, I’m afraid. Publisher promised to get back to me within 90 days at the beginning of January, so I should know something in the next two months. Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, meditate … whatever you prefer … please. Thanks, Maya!

      deneane elise


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